Channel Your Inner Flower Child With This ‘60s-Inspired Yoga Flow


Halloween is just around the corner, and Obè Fitness wants to help you celebrate. This week, the at-home workout app kicked off its special holiday programming with its Time Warp series of decade-themed classes. Each class is inspired by a different decade and incorporates a different kind of exercise. Certified yoga instructor Beth Cooke teaches the ’60s Flower Power Flow virtual yoga class.

“Yoga helps build strength and stability in the body and mind to live a long, grounded, joyful life,” Cooke told POPSUGAR. “And while 100 percent of life is not joyful, as we fall down sometimes, yoga gives us the tools to pick ourselves back up and bounce back.”

The other workouts include ’70s Disco HIIT and Strength, ’80s Aerobics, and ’90s R&B Strength.

The instructors even dress up in workout-friendly costumes to fully give you a blast from the past. For the Flower Power Flow, Cooke wears tie-dye flared yoga pants and a matching teal crop top — a green and blue peace sign painted on her cheek completes the look. According to Cooke, a themed class is exciting because it “takes an ordinary day and makes it special.”

You can channel your inner flower child and try out Cooke’s psychedelic yoga flow at home. Peace signs and tie dye are optional, but remember to take rest breaks whenever you need them. For this workout, hold each pose for about 30 seconds and repeat the flow twice. To transition between poses, flow through downward dog or child’s pose. You can also check out the Obè Fitness app to try the other fun decade workouts.

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