Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: October 15 Edition


Hey Ladies Gymnastics Fans,

It is sophomore Madison McCary here with this week’s gym talk!

We had a very eventful week with lots of team activity and hard work in the gym. We started Wednesday with a dark and early 6am practice, and as always all of our Ladies were ready to be in “The Jills” putting hard work and dedication into the sport we love. Thursday was our 6am track practice, where we have been pushing our endurance and strength, gearing up for this upcoming season. Friday, we had a very productive practice, working on preparing for our up-grades coming soon!

Saturday was our one-day team retreat which was full of love and bonding between all classes of our team. The team retreat is a place where we dig deeper into one another’s lives to understand each other better and bond together to create our team unit- our C-Unit. We spent most of the day outside on a beautiful fall day (with our masks on of course); we did team activities working together in our small groups to find our partners in crime, unscramble words, writing words of affirmation to each other, and drawing out our lives for our teammates to understand us better.

We had some great conversations about what this team wants to accomplish, both as people, as students and as a team. We are a very motivated team with all the ingredients for greatness!  This led to our discussion and mapping out our core covenants for our 2020-2021 team. We decided this year to focus on being passionate, dedicated, and relentless along with really building that trust among our team.

Moving to Sunday, our 2nd theme practice of the year was PJ day and was one of our best practices thus far. We had an impromptu beam intra-squad – putting a challenge out to our Ladies to step up their game with the first full beam routines of the year! Our beam line up (Kennedy Stephens, Kendall Sanders, Jerrica Harris, Xian Baumgartner, Kendall Knaps, Lauryn Stiff) handled the pressure very well and executed their routines with confidence and aggression. Oh, and we had some special guests cheering them on (see picture).

Everyone was excited for Sunday’s bar rotation, because it was the day we finally got to start doing our big release skills!  With our early August move-in, the month of August transition back to school before we could start athletics, and then our subsequent round of quarantines we have had a slow start.  Meaning we have not thrown our releases at all since the end of July. We have been focusing on building our basics and strength back to get our bodies ready, and boy were we ready!  Almost all of us caught or touched the bar! Coach Jackie always says great drills lead to great skills – and she was right!

Moving to our vault shakers; again, with the slow start we had it’s impressive to have the majority of the team flipping clean vaults already and a few including Kendall Huff, twisted their vaults onto mats. And a special shout out to Kendall Knaps for getting that incentive for the team that Coach Jackie threw out for her.

I was so proud of our Ladies this week and we will continue to keep working hard and do our gymnastics with passion, dedication, and relentlessness. Have a great week Ladies Fans!


Madison McCary (Maddie, Mads, Boo)

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