Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: October 12 Edition


Hey guy, it’s your sophomore Lani… yep I said it, SOPHOMORE!

Let me tell you, last week was really all grind and no time off, in a good way of course! For it being our first full week back to our normal schedule, I have to say the Ladies did a great job! From two 6am practices, then ending with two weekend practices, we held it together pretty well!

It felt so great being back in the gym after having the unfortunate episode of quarantine our team had a few weeks ago… don’t you just love COVID haha! On the bright side I could sort of take a break from my hectic schedule and buckle down on some homework, which I worked on all day every day… for two weeks, yikes! Luckily, I had some amazing teammates who made it not too bad every now and then and made sure I got whatever I needed, whenever I needed it,which was AWESOME!

Every day at practice seemed like a new challenge and the Ladies were always ready to face it head on. We really showed some perseverance this week and it helped us push to the end of such a tough week. This was at the beginning and not to brag or anything, but the Ladies really showed out this week. Coach Jackie would always give us a heads up the day before our practices to let us know the week would only get harder from here and we came ready to work!

Last weekend the whole team was able to practice together, which was awesome! Saturday to start practice we did some “voodoo” as some would call it with our head athletic trainer, which was primarily just de-stressing our bodies to prepare them for a great practice! We ended up having a great night and were ready to carry that same energy onto Sunday. Once Sunday came around we had “iconic duo day,” which was interesting because Coach Jackie had to figure out who we were, and then we started practice off with a little team building exercise which was fun… pretty scary, but still fun! One teammate picked a name and then was assigned to another teammate to then lead them through an obstacle course, blindfolded. I had Jenny Jackson and I have to say she was a great leader and got me to the end safely! After we discussed our experiences and learned a little more about each other and how we communicate with and listen to one another.

Later in practice we had a team beam with the goal being for everyone to do their base series on the designated beam listed for them.  Everyone did great! Have to give props to Sierra Ponder for going for her series after being out for two weeks as well! We also vaulted for the first time over the table and everyone flipped! WooHoo! Also props to Taylor-Ann Wilson for going for her new vault for the first time, which looked great! I have to say, that really topped off the great week we had!

We know things had to go a bit slow coming out of quarantine, but this team is working hard and ready to roll now, so check in next week to see what we have next!  t was great talking to you guys again!

See ya later,

Leilani Johnson

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