BURNING KABADDI: Another New Voice Is Joining The Cast Of The Upcoming Sports Anime


One of the oldest sports known to man, Kabaddi, is something similar to a much more aggressive game of tag that has seen its players come from all over the globe. Burning Kabaddi is a series created by Hajime Musashino about an ex-soccer player who finds a new passion in the hands-on sport.

Since the book’s debut in Shogakukan’s Manga ONE app and Ura Sunday website in 2015, the series has been a huge draw for fans of sports and action. It has been such a hit, in fact, that a new anime is coming based on the series!

There’s still some time between now and the release of the show, but the official website has done a fantastic job of keeping its fans up to date on the latest casting news. It’s newest reveal has been voice actor Makoto Furukawa as the brainy Kei Iura!

As the cast continues to grow, so will more news on the series as a whole! We would love to hear your thoughts on the announcement in the comments below!


The manga’s story centers on first-year high school student Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a former ace soccer player who dislikes sports. He gets invited to join a team for the contact sport kabaddi. He scoffs at the idea at first but becomes interested after watching a kabaddi practice.

Burning Kabaddi will premiere in Japan in April 2021!

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