Brian Dobson Shares The Best Ronnie Coleman Insider Stories From Metroflex Gym


Metroflex Gym Texas owner Brian Dobson tells the best stories about Ronnie Coleman that you may not have heard.

The origin story of Ronnie Coleman is almost as legendary as the man himself. Not only was Ronnie known for his unstoppable mass monster physique, he was known for his hardcore training at Metroflex Gym Texas. The legend goes a free gym membership to Metroflex is what started Ronnie down the path of becoming the greatest bodybuilder of all time. To be a fly on the wall during his training sessions would be fascinating to see. While we can’t do that – we have the next best thing. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Metroflex Gym Texas owner Brian Dobson shares his favorite behind the scenes Ronnie Coleman stories.

There are many well known stories revolving around Ronnie Coleman and his prime years training at Metroflex Gym. Be it his “Yeah buddy!” catch phrase, his epic 800 pound squat, or the story of his free gym membership that changed his life – there is not a shortage of good Ronnie stories.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve all been told. Ronnie Coleman spent years training at Metroflex gym. He has eight Mr. Olympia trophies of stories. Many of which might not yet have been unearthed. That’s why we connected with Brian Dobson via video chat to discuss his first hand stories training with arguably the greatest bodybuilder in history.

While a few of the greatest hits are in the interview, Dobson gives them more context and details a variety of small moments that further prove just how epic of a man Ronnie really was.

Ronnie Coleman training in his prime (above).

Brian Dobson starts with the story of how he first met Ronnie Coleman and trails it all the way through to his most epic moments in the gym. It goes without saying that the core theme behind all of these stories remained the same. Ronnie Coleman had a supernatural level of strength. Even to the patrons at the gym – Ronnie was a legend. He was an unstoppable force that no other could match.

Ronnie Coleman was so hardcore and so strong – that Brian Dobson had to buy equipment specifically for Ronnie so he could keep pushing himself further. Equipment that hardly any other patron at the gym would use. That’s how strong Ronnie Coleman was.

There were weights at the end of the rack that were never touched because only Ronnie Coleman was able to lift them. If this all sounds a bit too fictional – that’s because Ronnie defied reality. He’s a living myth. A man that shouldn’t exist because every single story about him sounds too unreal.

You can get a taste of some insider stories from Metroflex Gym in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment with Brian Dobson above. You can also get a deeper inside look into Ronnie Coleman with our feature film documentary – Ronnie Coleman: The King. Click here or the banner below to own your own digital copy today!

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