Boxer’s Example Of Peace To Stop Violence and Trouble In Ireland


In recent hours some old trouble has come about.

In the form of violence in Northern Ireland. This was a significant world problem thought to have been relegated to chronicles of the past. Various events have caused new tension it would seem.

Everything has a solution and there’s nothing can’t be fixed.

One would beg of this to please stop and no retaliation of any kind. One can’t help but think of one of Ireland’s best ever boxers and words in recent days.

In light of retiring from the sport of boxing at the weekend.

Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton:

Frampton is a tremendous example of how he brought both communities over the years together.

Mainly with his thrilling fights in the ring and man of the people, humble, down to Earth mentality.

Some of the nights in Belfast perhaps the best atmospheres of any sporting occasion of the last decade.

Just look at this:

No community on either side of the two in Northern Ireland should feel isolated or alienated. Everyone should be respected, listened to and talked to. It should be understood and goes without saying, that Unionists and Protestants are not isolated and are not alone. They are very, very, much and dearly loved and a part of the same community, place and country. Don’t forget it. No matter beliefs. One people. Catholics and Protestants. Nationalists and Unionists. Or any and all people of Ireland of any belief or value system, race or creed.

Throwing money at things like this no good. Incorrect strategy and not the appropriate approach.

One must listen and understand the hurt. Then talk. With the view of one another as fellow human beings, crucially. As in the end, humanity is all we have. This thing doesn’t last forever. Life is too bloody short. It passes most by while they make grand plans for it.


Andre Ward And Michael Buffer React To Carl Frampton Retirement

Whether Catholic or Protestant, or Christian without denomination, all are children of God. Most importantly, regardless of anything, fellow human beings to one another who deserve respect and courtesy. No one is better than anyone else.

Violence just breeds more violence and it never ends. Peace is the answer.

For any reconciliation or forgiveness to occur, there must be civil conversation and clarity of communication underlined by a positive tone of mutual respect. It is a universal language that transcends barriers in all nations. Respect is needed for both communities by the powers that be.

Forget politics and politicians for a minute. Perhaps diplomats more suitable and appropriate.

This is about human beings both part of the same community and human race.

The only thing that causes trouble between humans is differences. Nothing more. Nothing less.

There is a balance to everything.

Look at this here from Frampton.

This ring walk by Carl Frampton above an example of how he brought together not only an entire city, but island and country one time:

Why boxing is such a special sport, once again.

Things will get better. Keep hope and keep the faith.


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Tyson Fury Runs Into A Living Legend In Boxing

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