Bill Self talks KU basketball’s plans for Election Day


Election Day is this Tuesday, something the KU basketball program is well aware of. On Friday, the program tweeted a video of two players — senior guard Marcus Garrett and JUCO transfer Tyon Grant-Foster — taking advantage of the ability to vote early in Kansas. 

“Hey, we just voted,” Grant-Foster said in the video. 

“We encourage you guys to get out and go vote, too,” Garrett said. 

Here’s the video that was shared on Twitter (via KU basketball): 

KU coach Bill Self also spoke to the media last week. He was asked if there would be any special team initiatives to encourage players to vote. 

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“I know I voted this past week on our off day, and I think four or five players voted there,” Self said. “I saw three of them at the polls when I was there. Everybody has their absentee ballots. Everybody has sent them in. I think there may be one or two that hasn’t voted yet, and we’re trying to get everybody to vote before Tuesday. But we anticipate having 100-percent participation with everybody in our program that can vote — [they] will vote.” 

The Jayhawks will also have an off-day on Tuesday because of the election. Self said he’s glad that off-day is in place. 

“We’ll do nothing as a team on Election Day,” Self said. “That is something that has been mandated and certainly [was] a good idea by the Big 12, that no one will practice on Election Day. I guess we could have some type of team activity, but we won’t do anything basketball related on Election Day. That will be a day off.” 

The team, Self added, might get together for some kind of election-watching event, though the details of that were still being ironed out as of last Friday. 

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“I tell you what well do, we’ll start it at 8 a.m. and run it through midnight,” Self joked before seriously responding: “We may do something. But with the COVID situation, you can’t bring food in. You can’t have everybody sit around and watch the election and eat. You’ve got to have social distancing in everything you do.”

He continued.

“So we may do something to create something from an educational standpoint and talking and watching maybe the different news outlets and how to follow it and what this all means from a strategic standpoint as the night goes on,” Self said. “But right now I don’t have anything planned.”

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