Bigg boss today: Big bomb on Amma, no double elimination


In the previous episode of bigg boss, Swati dikshit got eliminated and rest of the nominated contestants not saved. This gave rise to speculations that there may be another elimination this Sunday. Bigg boss once again proved the speculators wrong and there was no elimination today.

Revenge: Swathi deekshith big bomb on Rajasekhar

Swathi deekshith was there in the house only for one week. She was nominated by Amma rajasekhar despite the fact that she gave him the opportunity to dine with her in the lounge on the day of her entry into the house. While leaving she was asked to match the given nicknames to the housemates. She did this job fairly well. She gave the nickname of arrogant person to Abhijeet, manipulator label to Monal, gossipmonger label to Sujatha, luckiest person label to Kumar Sai, backstabber label to Amma rajasekhar, and so on.

She was given a big bomb that whoever she names, she will not be eligible to contend for the captaincy next week. Obviously She Chose Amma Rajasekhar, because of whom she is leaving the house now. She put him in great danger and it will be no surprise if he gets eliminated in the next two weeks.

Role reversal game:

After Swati dikshit left the house, there were some funny tasks. All housemates dressed as opposite gender today and enacted some dance and comedy sequences as pair, but playing role of reverse gender. For example Amma Rajasekhar and Sujata played the scene of soundarya and chiranjeevi in chudalani undi movie, in which rajasekhara played the role of Soundarya and Sujata played as chiranjeevi. Gangavva dances as allu ramalingaiah along with Kumar. Divi and Noel played the scene from athadu movie. Most of the the dances and skits were enjoyable. Later , there was kabaddi game played by the housemates.

No double elimination:

After Swati dikshit left the house still there were six contestants in the danger zone. Nagarjuna asked all these 6 contestants i.e. Abhijeet, Harika, Mehboob, Sohail, lasya and Kumar to give self rankings. Abhijeet stood at first rank, Mehboob at second rank , and Lasya at 3rd rank. Rest of the three contestants were also in agreement with this ranks but they couldn’t come to an agreement regarding fourth fifth and sixth ranks. Nagarjuna asked housemates to help them regarding the same. Ariyana adjusted Kumar at 4th, Sohail at 5th and Harika at 6 th ranks. After maintaining the suspense for a few more minutes, Nagarjuna revealed that these rankings are not correct as per the audience and all these six contestants got saved by the audience.

Why this Sunday episode is just an average episode:

Overall, it is above average episode. Mainly because, the elimination process got over in the previous episode itself. Moreover, after 50% of the episode audience could predict that there will be no further elimination today because, if there had been an elimination , host would not have wasted lot of time playing the games like kabaddi. This killed the excitement for rest of the episode.

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