Basketball in the blood for many in the area


The Longmeier family of Seymour and the Benter family of Brownstown spend more time around basketball than any other family in Jackson County, especially when you add the number of hours they spend practicing with their teams.

Jason Longmeier is head coach of the Seymour girls and has a son, Charlie, playing for the Seymour boys.

Dave Benter is head coach of the Brownstown Central boys and has a son, Jack, who is a starter for the Braves, and a daughter, Katherine, who started for the BC girls.

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“Us Longmeiers wouldn’t have it any other different,” Jason said. “That’s what we do, and that’s what we enjoy doing. I enjoy watching my son play just as much as I enjoy coaching. I really enjoy the aspect of being a dad there and being a fan. Charlie and I don’t spend a whole lot of time anymore talking about basketball like we used to.

“I always coached Charlie and that group coming up, so that group was hard enough from me, so now, it’s good to have such a good coach in coach (Kirk) Manns,” Jason said. “When Charlie comes home, I don’t have to have discussions with him. He’s getting plenty of coaching from him, so it just allows me to be a dad and kind of be there for him.”

Charlie and the other sophomores on the Seymour varsity have played a lot of games together over the years, Jason said.

“These kids have played a lot of basketball,” he said. “They’ve played travel ball together. We started these guys when they were in kindergarten, so they’ve played a lot of ball, and you can tell that when you watch them play together.”

The SHS boys and girls played on the same day three times this season, but Longmeier said he has been able to see all of his son’s games.

Jason said with Charlie playing varsity this winter, he didn’t have to cut practices short in order to get to those games.

“It’s not a big deal with the varsity games starting at 7:30,” he said.

Jason and his wife, Bridget, have a son, Mack, in seventh grade, and a daughter, Lola, in third grade. Lola plays travel ball in a Sunday league in Madison.

Because of attending Mack’s games at Immanuel Lutheran School, Bridget hasn’t made it to all of Charlie’s away games.

“There have been games where she has missed to be there with him,” Jason said. “That’s the nature of the beast with that. The summers are just as impactful with what we do and what Charlie does. Charlie is a baseball player, as well, and he’s got a travel baseball team that travels all over the place. We spend a lot of time doing that, as well.”

Jason also is an assistant coach on Jeremy Richey’s SHS baseball team.

“We stay busy. We stay active. As long as my kids enjoy doing what they’re doing, as a parent, that’s the joy we get from it to be able to watch them. It goes fast,” Jason said.

“I remember not too long ago, it seems like they were just in kindergarten when we started,” he said. “You see those pictures and now realize he is almost through his sophomore season and only has a couple of these left, so we’re really going to cherish these next couple years.”

Katherine Benter was a three-year varsity starter at Brownstown Central. She helped her team win sectional titles her junior year and this winter as a senior.

“Katherine actually started as a sophomore, so her freshman year was the only one it was tough to get to her (junior varsity) road games on time,” Dave said. “The Austin game is the only one I missed this year, but I have missed a few each of the last few years.”

On Dec. 12, 2020, the Brownstown girls played Austin at home, while the BC boys played in Evansville that afternoon.

In the past, when the BC boys played in the holiday tournament at North Daviess and the girls played in the Toby Yoho Classic at Eastern Greene, some of their games were played on the same days.

“I recognize how quickly these years go by, so I have tried to miss as little as possible,” Dave said. “My wife, Kristy, has had to do a lot of running the last few years, and we are fortunate to have four grandparents live close that could help when necessary. It definitely has been crazy but will be crazier when she is playing in college next year.”

Katherine plans to attend Hanover College, where she will play basketball.

She had four 30-point games this season and amassed 1,211 points for her career, ranking second on the school list.

Kara Hunt, athletic director at Medora High School, also has seen her share of basketball games this winter.

In addition to attending Medora’s games, she tries to get to as many Trinity Lutheran games as she can to see her son, Evan, who is a junior on the Cougars’ roster.

Emma and Katelyn Schepman are twins and members of the Trinity Lutheran girls basketball team.

Kirk Manns is head boys basketball coach at Seymour, and his son, Kirk Jr., is an assistant coach.

Kevin Gwin is a boys assistant basketball coach at Brownstown Central, and his son, Caiden, is on the team.

Doug Sabotin is head swimming coach at Trinity Lutheran, and his son, Jacob, is on the boys basketball team, and Mary Ellen Jaynes is an assistant coach with the Trinity girls basketball team and her daughter, Sydney, was a member of that team.

Some of the coaches and athletes have siblings who are cheerleaders or managers or perform other duties with the team. A lot of the athletes also have cousins who are playing winter sports.

Other winter sport siblings at Jackson County high schools:



Eli and Grace Meyer, brother-sister

Bret and Alyssa Perry, brother-sister

Jamya and Anja Miller, sisters

Kendrick and Kendall Sterling, sisters

Seth and Sydney Montgomery, brother-sister


Evan (basketball) and Grant (swimming) Smith, brothers


Pedro and Sandy Cerino, brother-sister

Clayton and Makenna Greenawalt, brother-sister

Bryce and Avery Miller, brother-sister


Dunigan and Celeste Huddleston, brother-sister

Brownstown Central


Adam and Levi Stahl, brothers

Trinity Lutheran


Genesis and Dianna Munoz, sisters

Levi and Liza Froedge, brother-sister


Ethan (swimming) and Emma (basketball) Myers, brother-sister



Josh and Shania Hyland, brother-sister

Domanic and Tiessa Stevens, brother-sister

Elijah and Ella Plasse, brother-sister


Zack, Maria and Mariah Cobb, brother and sisters

Matthew and Kacie Inscoe, brothers

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