Badminton tournament to identify U15 stars


Search is on for young, up and coming badminton stars. 

Badminton Cook Islands are on the lookout for players to participate in next year’s Oceania Junior Championship and AIMS Games that will be held in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The organisation says, these players will be identified at next week’s 2020 U15 National Championships.

Badminton Cook Islands president Thomas Ngauru says the annual event is where they will find out who their top under 15 players are on Rarotonga.

Ngauru says the players will compete in boys’ and girls’ singles and doubles.

They are estimating more than 30 players will compete in this age group which will be held at the Telecom Sports Arena at 1pm until 6pm on Monday, October 26.

There will also be an Open Tournament running at the same time for Juniors Under 11. Entry is free.

Another badminton event is also coming up to cater for the little ones.

Badminton volunteers are planning to visit primary schools on Rarotonga in the next four weeks before the Annual Primary School Badminton Tournament on November 19.

Ngauru says the Annual Primary School Badminton Tournament which will involve all the primary schools on the island is always a highlight on their calendar.

Volunteers will be delivering classes to all schools to prepare for the competition and their new air-badminton shuttles will be used in schools who do not have halls.

The shuttles are specifically designed to be used outdoors.

Meanwhile, Badminton Business House 2020 is kicking off next Wednesday at the Telecom Arena for five weeks. If people are interested they can contact Ngauru on 57163.

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