AKHAND Hover Soccer Ball for Kids | with Flashing Colored LED Lights | for Smooth Surfaces | New Football Toy for Indoor – Battery Operated Air Floating Hovering Disc for Girls & Boys


Price: ₹ 1,199.00 - ₹ 584.00
(as of Mar 16,2021 04:24:43 UTC – Details)

Develop your child’s interests, and enhance child’s curiosity, it’s really perfect for outdoor and indoor games, your kids can have an excellent group game.and also it is a good parent-kid interaction toy Easy to use: Flip the power switch, put it on a smooth surface and give it a little kick! Material: ABS material, not acrylic material. Main features ⚽Pneumatic Suspension Technology There is a little fan inside the hover toy which can generate airflow. The ball absorbs surrounding air from the upside and exhausts air downside to push the ground, which generates the suspension, enabling the ball to glide on any hard surface. It works as if it is on a cushion of air. Amazing design theory and idea! ⚽Built-in Driving Motor The hover toy is equipped with a rational driving mode that will start working as soon as the power switch is on so that air circulation will be produced with the influence of the fan. ⚽Soccer ball and Hockey Combination This toy is different from traditional football structure as it combines soccer and hockey into one ball, which makes it a strange new toy for inspiring curiosity and attracting the attention of the kids. ⚽Size 4 Soccer soccer toy is similar to Size 4 Soccer in the appearance and specification, neither too big nor too small, and it shall be the perfect toy choice for foot exercise. power hover soccer is a wonderful and exciting toy for your kids to play indoor and outdoor games. It helps to increase curiosity and cultivate good habits of your kids. It can also enhance the relationship between your kids and you. Meanwhile, as a novel-designed toy, you can also give it as a girl or boy gifts. Have an amazing time in indoor games with young kids!

Durable led hover soccer – you can kick it like a real soccer ball, not just a toy you can turn any floor into an air hockey/soccer surface, perfectly at home on wood, linoleum, polished concrete, and even low-pile carpet.
With 2 Portable goals. Lt’s like building a soccer field at home. More interesting than Single Soccer Toy.
Easy to install the portable goal. Put your ball on a smooth surface and give it a little kick! The frame of such football is in foam packaging, so the ball can rebound when touching objects.
Perfect size enough for small kids or pets to play with. Safe and Fun.


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