AI-based chess board maker Square Off introduces two new products


MUMBAI: Harish Thawani, the founder of Nimbus and Neo Sports is one mean competitor who loves the mental battle the game of chess provides. Are there any other players amongst media executives who want to rise up to the challenge? This one is for Thawani and for them.

Three-year-old Mumbai-based smart chess board maker SquareOff has been wowing game players worldwide with its gee-whiz products that use robotics, artificial intelligence, and leverage the internet of things. Two of its best-sellers are the Kingdom Set which is priced at $399 and the other is Grand Kingdom chess set at $449. Both consist of a chessboard, chess pieces, a charger, an adapter, a mobile stand, a manual and an app that allows players to stay connected and play online.

Recently, it added two new products Square off Neo and Swap, raising raise $1 million during the pandemic lockdown on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo to roll out cheaper versions for those wanting more affordable options.

Square Off Neo, at a starting price of $169, is a lighter, faster and affordable chess board meant for every household. Its adaptive AI, personalized chess coaching and 1.5x faster movements make it a-hard-to-resist for any chess lover out there

Square Off Swap, currently priced at $229, offers users the convenience of playing multiple board games on the same surface. To begin with, it supports four games – chess, draughts, halma and Connect 4, making it a desirable board game for all age groups. Paired with the Square Off App, both these products are globally connected; so, whether the opponent is in a different room or a different continent, the game still goes on!

“The lockdowns have motivated people to rediscover their passion and connected gaming has seen tremendous growth,” says SquareOff CEO, Bhavya Gohil. “Our vision is to enable connected automated gaming over a single platform. With Neo and Swap, we’ve attempted to revolutionise board gaming and thereby the experience altogether. Our next step is to get the boards in production and deliver at the earliest. Though the pandemic has affected our delivery timelines, we are committed to delivering quality products to our backers at the earliest.”

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